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My name is Shari Hubbard. My background is in destination marketing for high-end resorts, luxury inns, and traditional neighborhood developments. With clients in more than 15 states, including California, Colorado, Texas, Maine, North Carolina, and Florida, my speciality was garnering publicity for destinations with upscale real estate rentals, such as Rosemary Beach, FL; The Home Ranch, CO; Sonoma County, CA; and St George Island, FL.

Along the way, I was fortunate enough to work with established editors from some of the country's top design and interior magazines, including:

 Shari Hubbard, Owner

Shari Hubbard, Owner

These experiences not only helped me hone my design aesthetic, but also taught me the importance of staging for photo shoots. Following a successful 28-year marketing career, I was looking for a new challenge. My passion for interior design, coupled with my love of organization and personal residential real estate history, made home staging and home decorating a perfect fit for me.