The Open House Polish

Details matter.

For clients who feel their home is at the opposite end of the "cluttered" spectrum - as in sparse decor, lacking in warmth and simply unwelcoming, I offer a service called the "Open House Polish." This service addresses homes that have been streamlined to the point of being cold, uninviting and forgettable. 

For an Open House Polish, you will receive an in-person consultation at your home, where I will discuss with you the best options for accessorizing your home to convey the lifestyle most appropriate for your potential buyer pool. 

This service is offered at my staging rate of $50-75 an hour. Next, the client will choose to either:

  1. Set a budget for accessories. I will then shop for the priority accessories, and provide options from which you may select. Upon your approval, these items will be invoiced at cost (no mark-up) and will be yours to keep.
  2. Rent a "Pizazz Package" tailored to your specific needs, to include such items as wall art, lamps, area rugs, plants, table settings, window dressings and other accessories to neutralize and update your existing furnishings. These items will be selected and installed for you for a pre-agreed flat monthly fee, with a three-month minimum rental. The client pays my hourly rate for installation and breakdown.