Faced with both downsizing and finding a new home in a short amount of time, I knew I needed help. We could manage the sorting, purging and packing but how do we prepare a home we'd lived in for 26 years for the housing market? 

Shari studied our home and yard and provided a detailed report which guided me to prepare the house. The report was produced with an objective view, an eye for detail and an artistic vision. 

Shari provided encouragement when we ran into delays, was flexible when dates changed, and helped stage and prepare our home with energy and tasteful touches throughout. 

My realtors were very pleased with the end result; our home was ready for listing.  The listing photographer was pleased because our home was clean, orderly, attractive and an ease to photograph.  End result?  We received a full-price offer just days after our first open house!

Deborah Gatlin, Homeowner