Declutter Like a Pro

Decluttering your home, and organizing your closets and storage areas, is one of the first and most important steps in the staging process.  Here are a few tips to get your home staged like a pro!

Depersonalizing is key.  Your personal photos are a distraction to buyers.  Pack up and remove all personal photos and portraits.  This is important so that buyers can visualize your home as theirs.

Collectibles, knick-knacks, books, magazines, toys—we all have and enjoy these items in our home.  However, when selling your home, these items can give a cluttered feel.  Pack up the majority, especially if collections are large. 

Closets are key!  Know that buyers will look in every closet and storage area.  They want to see a clean and organized linen closet, pantry and bedroom closets.  In your linen closets, remove all but essential towels, bedding and supplies.  Use inexpensive “space bags” to shrink-store your linens while your home is on the market.

Clean out and organize your pantry.  This is a great time to purge expired items, and donate canned goods to a food bank.  When the pantry is clean, organize your items to maximize storage and give a spacious feel.  Avoid over-shopping for pantry items while your home is on the market.

In your bedroom closets, the staging process is a great time to purge clothing that no longer fits or has become outdated, and donate to a charitable organization.  After this step, pack up all out-of-season clothing, shoes and accessories for storage to maximize space in your closets.  Ideally, your closets will not be filled to capacity when you have completed this step.

Once your decluttering is complete, you’ll likely have several boxes and bags that need to be stored.  Utilize under-bed storage when possible (assuming you have good clearance under a bed and the boxes will not show).  For larger items, such as excessive furniture pieces and larger boxes, consider calling on friends and family to arrange temporary storage space in their garage or storage areas.  You can also query friends and family with storage facilities to share a bit of their space while your home is on the market.  These steps will save you money!